See TeachSmart 3.0 for the Hatch Interactive Display
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Just a few quick questions and you're ready to take it for a spin!

See TeachSmart 3.0 by Hatch In Action!

Explore the features of our TeachSmart 3.0 software and learn how it can help improve outcomes in your early learning classroom. Be sure to check out the 8 sample activities included in the demo. Don't worry, you'll get to keep them afterwards! 

The FREE Activities include just a few of the hundreds of fun and purposeful games in TeachSmart by Hatch:

Phonological Awareness - Breaking Words Apart
Nutrition - Free Play
Social Studies: Guess the Picture - Community Helpers
Science - Hot & Cold
Measurement - I Know How to measure
Counting Sequences - I Like to Count
Letter Recognition - I Spy a Letter
Letter/Sound Matching - I Can Hear Sounds to Make Words

Breaking Words Apart
Phonological Awareness

Free Play

Guess the Picture: Community Helpers 
Social Studies

Hot & Cold

I Know How to Measure

I Like to Count
Counting Sequences

I Spy a Letter
Letter Recognition

I Can hear Sounds to Make Words
Letter/Sound Matching

TeachSmart Interactive Demo
TeachSmart Interactive Demo